Headshots are the storefront of an Actors’ business, or any business for that matter.  I tailor my headshot sessions to the specific needs of my clients centered around the most important thing, providing a relaxing and comfortable environment.


I work to achieve this by being an excellent coach and not setting limits on the photoshoot.  Creating an atmosphere that is laid back with no exposure limits allows for the best unforced, natural shots of my clients.  



Men – Several pressed or steamed solid neutral colored tops with varying neck lines and layers (ie: sweaters, t-shirts, collared, button down…)


Women – Same as above – avoid overly patterned or textured fabrics.  Form fitting attire works better than wardrobe that is more flowing. Casting directors want to get a sense of your body type – camisoles or a V-neck work very well, and as mentioned layers are great too!


For both…it’s best to keep it simple when choosing clothes.  Don’t let yourself get too consumed by it.  Suits and other more specific looks can be explored if needed but beyond that, this is about selling you, not so much about what it is you are wearing.  



Men – Makeup is generally not needed, however if you have some powder bring it.


Women – keep in mind that you will be under professional grade lighting and your base/foundation should be heavy enough to stand up to it. DON'T OVER DO IT! No crazy colors, or shimmers please! Your stage base with every day mascara, shadow, blush and lips should do it.  Avoid using base or powder with any UV/SPF protection or titanium dioxide as this reflects light and causes highlights on your face, also avoid shiny lip gloss as the reflected light can be distracting.  Look for a good “photoready” base and powder (Revlon’s PhotoReady™ powder is good and affordable, I also really like MAC products.).  


I would recommend if you decide NOT to use my makeup artist then go to MAC Cosmetics or another store and ask a makeup artist there what they recommend for photography (flash and natural light), and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


For BOTH – a makeup artist is available upon request for an additional fee.  I HIGHLY recommend this option for women,  however I understand we are all strapped for cash these days so it isn’t a requirement.


During our pre-shoot consultation we can speak more specifically about other looks you may want to explore, as I like to throw in a few creative portraits at the end of the session. 


Shoots that are done outdoors
are subject to cancellation
at anytime for weather

Headshots and Portraits

Eugene Paolo Macalma-26-2
Morgan Bost 20151111-47-Edit
Gwenna Hendricks-32-Edit